Deep Tissue Massage

A great way to relieve painful areas of tight muscle

Ease tension and stress

Improve movement

Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Deep Tissue Massage- back, shoulders and neck focus

Uncurl from your computer stiffness

Ease tension and stress from your working day

Soften tight shoulders

Help reduce headaches

Relaxing Holistic Massage

Help promote lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins

Lower blood pressure and heart rate

Ease conditions like insomnia, anxiety and depression

The perfect way to relax and de-stress from daily life, switching off that worrying mind

Pregnancy Massage

Ease aches and pain caused during pregnancy

Promote relaxation

Ease lower back pain common during pregnancy



1 hour full body- £60

30 minutes- £30

I also offer gift vouchers


I also offer corporate on site chair massage, over clothes so easy to do at work and great to de-stress and release tense shoulders, I can either charge a day rate or price per person- email me at for more info and prices